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Dentoalveolar Surgery

Our dentist may recommend dentoalveolar surgery to resolve problems with your teeth or soft oral tissues. There are several types of dentoalveolar surgery available, and Dr. Jeffrey Yelle will examine your entire mouth to determine which procedures are right for you and create your treatment plan.

What is Dentoalveolar Surgery?

Dentoalveolar surgery is any type of oral surgery that involves treating the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth. Common dentoalveolar surgical procedures include:

  • Tooth extractions — This procedure is required when injury, disease or decay damage a tooth beyond the point where it can be restored. An extraction may also be recommended before you can receive orthodontic treatment.
  • Wisdom teeth removal — This procedure is required when the third molars, or “wisdom teeth,” become impacted (unable to erupt) or emerge from your gums in a way that causes damage or infection to the surrounding teeth, gums and oral structures.
  • Exposure of impacted teeth — An impacted tooth occurs when a tooth becomes trapped beneath bone or gum tissue and cannot erupt properly. Surgically exposing the tooth allows it to move into the correct position in your mouth and helps to prevent problems such as infection and tooth damage.
  • Soft tissue grafting — Also known as gum grafting, this procedure is most frequently recommended to treat gum recession or tooth roto exposure. It may also be provided to help prevent the development of problems related to the soft oral tissues.

If you have any questions about dentoalveolar surgery or would like to schedule a consultation with our dentist, contact our practice today and speak with a member of our team.

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